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Playtrivia games players' are welcome to play in any or all of playtrivia three chat rooms. Each chat room offers trivia players a different playing experience. For more experienced trivia players we recommend

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Play trivia games online with a choice of three trivia rooms to join, each one using a different bot. Below are links to trivia games webchat login pages for each of our rooms but it is also possible to play trivia using a chat programme, such as mIRC. You can find details of how to obtain and set up mIRC using the link above.

We are also happy to be associated with Crystal Radio which you can listen to whilst playing trivia by clicking the link below:-

Listen to Crystal Radio

Play trivia games in any or all of our trivia chat rooms using our webchat login pages. There is now a choice of two programmes to join with. Our eventual aim is to just keep one that is used most frequently so the next few months will be a trial to see which is used the most

a) Play Ancilechat Trivia with Mibbit

Play Ancilechat Trivia with Kiwi IRC

b) Play Knight Trivia with Mibbit (Main room)

Play Knight Trivia Room with Kiwi IRC

Trivia Room stats for Knight Trivia

Knight Trivia does have it's own website with information about #All_New_Trivia and a link to the chat room. You can find this HERE

Trivia players using our software chat programmes are advised to select their own nickname before entering any trivia games chat rooms as Triviabot assigns and records scores to individual names, therefore if you are new to playing trivia in Knight or Ancilechat any score you accumulate using the random nickname is lost because we are unable to transfer these points.

What is Different About Our Rooms Apart From The Trivia bot Itself?

There are several differences between the three trivia rooms. for example in Ancilechat Trivia you will find a Jackpot trivia quiz game. Trivialbot's jackpot trivia asks questions to players and these quiz questions have a random points.

Trivia games players who are unable to answer a question asked, points from that question are stored by Trivbot (in a jackpot pot) and each time a question is unanswered more points are added, until at random Trivia bot asks a jackpot question which has a high points value.

Points reduce as hints are given by Trivbot to current questions asked.

In both our Knight trivia rooms trivbot and triviabot are slightly difference games. The main difference is the scoring system.. with trivbot the scores are the same for each question, whereas with triviabot the scores are somewhat higher and are different for each question. Why not try each room and see which you prefer?

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