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Trivia game chat using mirc, playing in trivia chat with mirc is probably the easiest way to play the game. This is a step by step guide of how to set up the client Mirc to play trivia by using a desktop icon

Setup mIRC Trivia

The first thing you must do is download mIRC. Once you have downloaded the setup file you will need to install. You should now have a mirc icon on your desktop, if not you will need to go to Start > Programs > mIRC > to start the program. When you first open the program a box named Options should appear. If not click on the icon represented by a file and hammer and the box should appear. Now complete the following steps to set up a connection.

Setting up mIRC to join trivia chat rooms

1.Fill in the boxes on the mIRC Option box which pops up. Full Name, Email Address, Nickname and Alternative (Nickname). Click ok.

2.Click on the hammer icon on the top menu (2nd from the left. In the box that appears, click on "Servers" in the left hand menu.

3. Click the "add" button on the right hand side of this box and fill in the box as follows; Description; anything you like so you will recognize e.g. Trivia, Knight, Ancilechat

IRC Server; In this box enter nebula.uk.eu.darkmyst.org for Ancilechat or irc.knightirc.net for Knight trivia. Each room is run on a different server so if you wish to be in both rooms at the same time, you will need to open the second room in a new server window. You do by ticking the "new server window" box on the connection window in mIRC. Do this before you click connect.

Ports; This should already say 6667. This is the correct

Click on "add" button under the word password to complete the task The name you have chosen to remind you will now appear in the list of servers. Double click on this name and the original options window will return. Halfway down in this window you should see the name you have chosen for the server. Click the "connect" button under this and your mIRC will connect to the chosen server.

4. A box called mIRC Favorites now appears. Enter the name of the room you wish to join in the top box (either #Allnewtrivia or #all_new_trivia for Knight or #All_New_Trivia for Ancilechat). A further window will appear. Add the room name again in the channel box and click ok. The room name should now appear in your mIRC favorites list. Highlight the room name and click the "join" button halfway down the right hand menu.

5. Start Mirc Chat.

That's all there is to it. The next time you open mIRC, the options window should appear automatically and you will be able to join your chosen server. If the options window does not open automatically, just click on the "hammer" icon in top menu to make it appear.

Once you get familiar with mIRC you can alter colours, fonts, text sizes and many more to suit your own needs and preferences.

You may find it helpful to print this page out.

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