Both of our rooms are friendly places to be and we strive to keep them clean, friendly and suitable for all of the family

We also offer extras to our trivia rooms. All players have access to a free forum on which to post any news they have to share. The forum is also the place to go for up to date trivia news.

All our hosts look after the rooms voluntary and give many hours willingly. All in all, Play Trivia chat rooms have been around for a long time and hopefully will be here for many years to come.

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How Trivia Trivbot Chat Rooms Started

Trivbot has been running since October 2001 and was started by IC. The trivia chat room called #All_New_Trivia was born, which is the one you all know and love on Ancilechat.

#Allnewtrivia on Gridstar, which is now known as Knight trivia, started in January 2006 and offered an alternative place for people to play with a different bot.

We have now opened a third trivia chat room on the Knight server with a different bot. This new bot has the same colours as the other two but the scoring system is very different, as are the hints. Hopefully this will give our players more choice and they can join whichever room they favour.

Both Trivia Chat Rooms are doing well with many new Trivia players, as well as our regular players some of whom have been playing trivia many years. Links to all three of our rooms can be found under the "Play Trivia" menu tab on our home page.

The new Trivia Chat room, #Allnewtrivia, currently has over 360000 questions with more being added. #Allnewtrivia also has a 99.95% uptime. This means that when you want to play trivia or chat in the trivia room it will be available for you. Obviously some things can't be planned for, such as power cuts, the new room will offer trivia players a stable environment in which to enjoy the game. Our trivbot trivia rooms are staffed by friendly hosts who are there to assist new players.

Swift from the UK is the current owner of both rooms and there are several hosts in each room who are there to help our guests whenever needed. The rooms were originally started by IC but work demands meant he had to spend more and more time away until trivia became too much too handle.

Who trained the owner(s)?

IC was trained as a sysop on the ircx-city server and works as a full sysop on, answering questions from and assisting members of the public. Also IC is often working behind the scenes updating the trivia chat rooms forum, gallery and trivia web site. IC, in turn, trained Swift who also works a great deal behind the scenes as well as playing in the room, getting to know players and being first "port of call" for any serious problems which may arise.

Occasionally we advertise for trivia chat room hosts, we then select hosts from the applications recieve. Getting selected depends on our requirements at the time, for example which country you live in, how often and for how long you have been a trivia player are just some of the things taken into account before you can be accepted as a trivia host.

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