Rules & Guidelines

Trivia Chat Rooms offer fun and friendship but there are a few rules which help to make our rooms a more pleasant place to be. These are listed below.

Trivia rooms where you can play trivia quizzes free of charge with people of all age groups that often become people who you will enjoy chatting to both in the trivia chat room and in private through instant messenger programs. With this in mind we have provided here a short list of 4 guidelines that we expect all players to abide by whilst in the trivia chat room. Just because trivbot trivia is a free to play trivia game it does not mean there is the freedom to act as you wish or do exactly as you wish. We will remove players with or without prior notice who do not wish to share in the friendly atmosphere we provide for trivia players within the free trivia chat rooms we run. Below are our short list of guidelines.

1/ Please do not abuse or harass any other players in the trivia room.
2/ Please try not to use bad language within the room, anyone who does so will be asked to stop immediately. We do request players speak in English as this minimises the problems caused to our webmaster.
3/ Anyone found to be deliberately harassing or upseting others will be asked to leave.
4/ Anyone who continues to disrupt the trivia chat room will be banned from the trivia chat rooms we run.
5/ We ask that visitors keep the content of chat in channel suitable for all ages. Our trivia room is a family room and therefore the chat should be suited to this environment.

There are no exceptions to these rules they apply equally to hosts and players; we apply this short list of rules to maintain a clean friendly free to join trivia room, which is there for the enjoyment of everyone.

Should you experience abuse or harassment from any other players in trivia chat rooms please notify us as soon as possible via e-mail, we ask that you also provide proof of the abuse or harassment against you in the form of a log, photograph of your computer screen showing the abuse or a copy of the conversation.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your time with us and be a regular trivia player and friend in trivia chat rooms for many years.

Thank you for taking the time to read these short but necessary list of rules that helps us to provide you with a free trivia chat room you will enjoy playing trivia in.

Trivia Chat Rooms Players Additional General Guidelines.

Sportsmanship is required. Experienced trivia players please be courteous to new trivia players. Commending players is recommended. Anyone impersonating any member of the trivia room or trivia staff will be banned permanently.

We do ask that players who come to our room don't just "sit" in the guest list for any length of time without playing. We feel it is good for everyone to take part and to join in the friendly banter throughout the trivia game.

All Players are strongly advised to register their name with the servers they are playing on, to do this join the server and type /NickServ REGISTER password E-mail. Password is the password of your choice and E-mail is your E-mail address.

Trivia Host Requests.

Please Comply immediately with any requests made of you by any trivia hosts. Failure to do so will lead to you being banned.

Trivia Chat Rooms Permanent Bans

Permanent bans can and will be given to any persons who are disruptive to the general day-to-day running of the trivia room without warning. This includes harassment or abuse or anything else which causes distress or discomfort to any other trivia player

Trivbot is programmed to automatically kick and ban disruptive people whether trivia hosts are present in the free to play trivia chat quiz rooms or not.

Trivia Chat room guidelines exsist to make playing trivia an enjoyable experience, please abide by these player guidelines to help keep trivia an enjoyable experience.

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