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Our original #All_New_Trivia room can now be found on Anchile chat server Opened in 2001 by IC the original chat room and bot owner who ran the trivia quizzes bot from home, it was soon realised that due to the popularity of the trivia game room hosts would be needed to help when IC couldnt be there due to work or other commitments. Swift along with several other trivia players were approched to see if they would help as room hosts.
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Play Trivia Online Quizzes Opens To Players.

Opening in October of 2001 playing trivia online quickly became a popular thing to do. Although in the beginning having one trivia quiz online was more than enough to handle. In fact in the early days play trivia quiz game was only available for a few hours each evening due to the trivia quizzes question bot being run from a home computer. Players were often waiting inside the trivia quizzes chat room for the question master eager to see if they could add to previous scores.
Swift is the owner of play trivia quizzes she can often be found in the trivia rooms.
IC Founder & original owner of trivia quiz chat rooms.
Other people seeing the poularity of play trivia quizzes opened rooms on the same server although what they didnt have was the amount & variety of trivia questions we had amassed over the years many of which we had added after researching information online and making hundreds of new trivia quiz questions ourselves. We also tested several different game bots over the years not just trivia games we tested scrabble & blackjack. however we always kept the trivia quizzes as they were the most popular.


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Please be aware Kiwi Chat room connections are located at the top of the two pages named Knight Kiwi or Ancile Kiwi select which trivia room you wish to join using either of the Kiwi connections as you have previously. Mibbit links are no longer available from this website, should you prefer the old mibbit links please talk to Swift who will provide you with the information you require to use these.
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