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Select the link above after doing so you will see the menu box this is where you can type your nickname in to join Ancile kiwi trivia quizzes. Choose a name to type into the box this is the name you will see when you join the play trivia quiz room alternatively please use the supplied name. Please remember however whichever name you choose is the name that is used to keep your score total in ancile online trivia quizzes room. Ancile kiwi trivia quiz room contains the quiz master which asks trivia questions on a random basis the trick as with any trivia quiz room is to know the answer in order to get the daily points and beat your fellow trivia players to be top daily player. Keep returning to see if you can be top weekly trivia player or even top monthly player.


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What were the first ice hockey pucks made out of? Which bird is nicknamed The Laughing Jackass?
Answers to the top trivia questions: Frozen cow dung & Kookaburra
Answers to trivia questions can be found lower down no points if you knew the answers though sorry

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Playing trivia quizzes online dosent require you to be a quiz genius, you simply need to have a basic general knowledge about different subjects, for example trivia questions can be asked about geography, science, entertainment to name just a few of the trivia question types you may be asked when playing. Not sure of an answer to a question being asked? Dont worry you can always ask for a hint from your question master to help you with your answer after all non of us know everything. Have fun join in and enjoy yourself that is the important part of playing trivia quizzes with us here at play trivia we look forward to meeting new players as well as chatting to our established play trivia friends.
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