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Please either use the supplied nickname which you will see after clicking the Knight kiwi Chat link above or choose your own nickname by typing your chosen name. Whichever name you choose will be the name displayed as your player name & used to keep your score in the trivia quiz game therefore please choose a name you are happy to use when playing trivia quizzes. Also in order to keep your score please use the exact same name when you return to play trivia in the future. Knight trivia started in 2006 as an alternative room to play in with a different bot. The main difference is the scoring system as the points earned are much higher than ancile chat. The knight bot also does not offer the jackpot feature but is still a very enjoyable experience. The room has a 99.95% uptime which means there will always be a place to play in a safe and friendly environment.

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Knight trivia quiz room.

What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? What is the cross between a donkey and a zebra known as?
Answers: pink & Zeedonk

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Playing trivia quizzes online usually meant you needed a Mirc chat in order to connect to your trivia room of choice of course some trivia players still prefer to use thier own chat client many using the poular Mirc to do this. We wanted to offer our trivia room players a few alternative ways to join our online trivia rooms saving them having to supply thier own chat clients.


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